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Daily Bible Readings

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John Chapter 15 for 2015:  “Jesus is the True Vine” (We are the Branches)
Reading from the 1611 King James Version of the Bible, includes the Apocrypha
2015 Read thru the Bible in One Year – Daily Bible Readings

May 1 - OT:  1 Kings 10-11; AP:  Esther 16; NT:  Luke 21:20-38
May 2 - OT:  1 Kings 12-13; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 1; NT: Luke 22:1-20
May 3 - OT:  1 Kings 14-15; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 2:1-16; NT:  Luke 22:21-46
May 4 - OT:  1 Kings 16-18; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 2:17-3:9; NT:  Luke 22:47-71
May 5 - OT:  1 Kings 19-20; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 3:10-4:7; NT:  Luke 23:1-25
May 6 - OT:  1 Kings 21-22; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 4:8-5:4; NT: Luke 23:26-56
May 7 - OT:  2 Kings 1-3; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 5:5-21; NT:  Luke 24:1-35
May 8 - OT:  2 Kings 4-6; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 5:22-6:15; NT: Luke 24:36-53
May 9 - OT:  2 Kings 7-9; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 6:16-7:7; NT:  John 1:1-28
May 10 - OT: 2 Kings 10-12; AP: Wis. of Sol. 7:8-24; NT: John 1:29-51
May 11 - OT: 2 Kings 13-14; AP: Wis. of Sol. 7: 25-8:11; NT: John 2
May 12 - OT: 2 Kings 15-16; AP: Wis. of Sol. 8:12-9:7; NT: John 3:1-21
May 13 - OT: 2 Kings 17-18; AP: Wis. of Sol. 9:8-10:6; NT: John 3:22-38
May 14 - OT: 2 Kings 19-21; AP: Wis. of Sol. 10:7-21; NT:  John 4:1-38
May 15 - OT: 2 Kings 22-23; AP: Wis. of Sol. 11:1-16; NT:  John 4:39-54
May 16 - OT: 2 Kings 24-25; AP: Wis. of Sol. 11:17-12:7; NT: John 5:1-24
May 17 - OT: 1 Chronicles 1-3; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 12:8-23; NT: John 5:25-47
May 18 - OT: 1 Chronicles 4-6; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 12:24-13:13; NT: John 6:1-21
May 19 - OT: 1 Chronicles 7-9; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 13:14-14:11; NT: John 6:22-59
May 20 - OT: 1 Chronicles 10-12; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 14:12-28; NT:  John 6:60-71
May 21 - OT: 1 Chronicles 13-15; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 14:29-15:14; NT: John 7:1-27
May 22 - OT: 1 Chronicles 16-18; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 15:15-16:4; NT:  John 7:28-53
May 23 - OT: 1 Chronicles 19-21; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 16:5-13; NT: John 8:1-30
May 24 - OT: 1 Chronicles 22-24; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 16:14-20; NT:  John 9:1-16
May 25 - OT: 1 Chronicles 25-27; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 16:20-29; NT:  John 9:1-23
May 26 - OT: 1 Chronicles 28-29; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 17:1-16; NT: John 9:24-41
May 27 - OT: 2 Chronicles 1-3; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 17:17-18:12; NT: John 10:1-23
May 28 - OT: 2 Chronicles 4-6; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 18:13-25; NT:  John 10:24-42
May 29 - OT: 2 Chronicles 7-9; AP:  Wis. of Sol. 19:1-22; NT: John 11:1-44
May 30 - OT: 2 Chronicles 13-14; AP: Ecclesiasticus 1:17-2:4; NT: John 12:1-22
May 31 - OT: 2 Chronicles 15-16; AP: Ecclesiasticus 2:5-18; NT: John 12:23-50

Quoted text are taken from the 1611 King James Version of the Bible with the many variety of spellings, which ARE NOT MISTAKES. The beauty of this Bible is from these spellings you can learn to number and add the sum of God’s word and know without a doubt what the meaning of the scriptures are as you read. A language that was created for a 5th grade level reader and a system for clarity of understanding God’s word without commentary.  For More Information Visit our website: www.ChristianMissionConnection.org

A Message from God’s Word

Gospel of John 15

“Jesus is the True Vine”

John 15:9-11 – The Joy of Jesus, “As the Father loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love. If ye keep my Commandments, ye shall abide in my love, even as I have kept my Fathers Commandments, and abide in his love. These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.”

So many things in this world we live in today rob us of our joy. Just the act of our daily routines can wear away at us unto the point that we cannot see through the dark clouds that can sometimes surround us.  Work, neighbors, children, spouses, church, organizations, the news of our world we hear every day and all the stuff of our lives erodes away our soul and before we know it life can feel like it is closing in on us to a point we think we can’t even breathe. Have you ever felt this way?

Where do we go to gain our joy and experience a renewal of our spirit?  Our answer is Jesus, he says the Father has loved him, so he (Jesus) has loved us and he implores us to continue in that love.  How do we do that?  Jesus points us to God’s word and encourages to do what he has done and that is to keep his (Jesus) commandments as he himself has kept his Fathers Commandments.  This means Jesus has kept the physical commandments in Exodus 20 which mankind has not been able to keep and calls us to keep the spiritual commandments Jesus declared in Matthew 22:37-40.

When we love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our mind, and with all our soul, to love our neighbors as ourselves then we are keeping the commandments of Jesus and his joy will remain in us and our Joy will be full.  PRAYER – FASTING – READING GOD’S WORD is the formula, believing this to be true is the remedy, our acting on that belief is our healing and our opportunity to be filled with the joy of Jesus.

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